Gulfcoast: Doppler and Color Flow Imaging Fundamentals for Point-of-Care Applications



Doppler and Color Flow Imaging: Fundamentals for Point-of-Care Applications Training Video is designed to provide the basic fundamentals of Doppler and Color flow imaging for non-cardiac point of care applications. Indications, applications, system optimization and commonly seen artifacts are discussed.


  • Doppler Principles
  • The Doppler Equation
  • Effects of Doppler Angle
  • Doppler Instrumentation: Pulsed Wave, Continuous Wave, color Doppler and Power Doppler
  • Doppler Applications in Point of Care Settings
  • Doppler/Color Controls and how to Optimize
  • Commonly Seen Doppler and Color Artifacts


  • Define Doppler ultrasound and list the different types of instrumentation.
  • State the indications for integrating Doppler ultrasound for POC applications.


Sonographers, physicians, or other medical professional performing Doppler ultrasound in a POC setting. Physician participants may include (but is not limited to) : Emergency medicine, hospitalists, internal medicine and primary care.

Price : $ 15


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