Gulfcoast: Bone Marrow & Lipoaspirate – General Principles & Practical Applications



Bone Marrow and Lipoaspirate: General Principles and Practical Applications Training Video is designed to provide an overview of the general principles and practical applications for performing ultrasound-guided bone marrow and lipoaspirate treatments. The lecture includes a discussion of the types of stem cells, the history of MSCs, centrifugal separation, bone marrow versus adipose treatments, procedural kits, examination protocols and principles of bone marrow collection and lipoaspirate collection.


  • Hematopoietic and Mesenchymal Stromal Stem Cell Differentiation
  • History of MSCs – Defining and Characterization of MSCs, Changing Paradigm
  • Centrifugal Separation
  • BMAC vs’ Adipose
  • Procedural Kits: Commercial vs’ Do it Yourself
  • Sources of Stem Cells
  • Principles in Marrow Collection
  • Lipoaspirate Procedure: MacroFAT, MicroFAT, NanoFAT
  • Capabilities of Adipose Stem Cells
  • Lipoaspirate Harvesting Methods
  • Fat Aspiration Supplies and Procedure Protocols
  • Evidence


  • Increase knowledge and competence pertaining to the general principals and practical applications of bone marrow and adipose treatments for MSK applications.
  • Define MSCs and state how it works.
  • Outline the bone marrow preparation process, harvest, and procedural protocols.
  • State the preparation, harvest, and procedural protocols for adipose treatments.
  • List the primary conditions that benefit most from bone marrow and lipoaspirate treatments.


Physicians, mid-level providers, sonographers, and other medical professionals involved with performing MSK ultrasound for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

Price : $ 15 


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