Comprehensive Review of Breast Imaging 2020


 Comprehensive Review of Breast Imaging 2020

World Class CME and Oakstone Clinical Update

Expert faculty interpret the latest clinical advances and illustrate current management strategies in this far-reaching review of breast imaging.

Explore the Latest Advances

Comprehensive Review of Breast Imaging is a broad introduction to recent advances and current standards of practice. Lead by Michael J. Ulissey, MD, FACR, it provides highly focused information on clinically relevant topics such as evaluation and treatment of breast pain, tomosynthesis, MRI biopsies, breast MRI, solid breast masses, and more. It will help you to better:

  • Improve ultrasound-guided breast biopsy and interventional skills
  • Identify both mass and non-mass sonographic findings suspicious for malignancy
  • Become familiar with optoacoustic Imaging
  • Understand the anatomic and histopathologic basis for ultrasound appearances
  • Recognize the range of normal and abnormal appearances for breast implants
  • Select the most apt ultrasound equipment, machine settings, and scan techniques for better diagnostic evaluations

Price : 60 $