Gulfcoast: Emergency Department Ultrasound Case Studies



Emergency Department Ultrasound Case Studies Training Video is designed to review ultrasound characteristics and diagnostic criteria associated with pathology seen in the emergency medicine setting. A variety of case studies will be reviewed including abdominal, cardiac, lung, aorta, ocular, and GYN applications.


  • Tachycardic Trauma Patient with Abdominal Pain
  • Lt Sided Chest Pain w/ Inspiration after MVA
  • Stab Wound Left Chest
  • Syncope and Shortness of Breath
  • Shortness of Breath and Chest Pain
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Hypotension after Dialysis
  • Syncope and Hypertension
  • “My Hip Hurts”
  • RUQ Pain
  • Rising B-hCG Levels
  • Loss of Vision in Right Eye


  • Identify evidence of cardiogenic shock, severe left ventricular dysfunction, cardiac tamponade, and pulmonary embolus.
  • Estimate central venous pressure using inferior vena cava measurements.
  • Demonstrate how to measure and evaluate an aortic aneurysm.
  • Recognize features of a retinal detachment.
  • Evaluate for free intraperitoneal fluid, pericardial effusion, and pneumothorax in a trauma patient.
  • Look for evidence of ectopic pregnancy.
  • Recognize findings consistent with acute cholecystitis.


Physicians, sonographers, and mid-level providers involved with performing ultrasound in an emergency and/or critical care setting. Physician participants may include (but are not limited to) emergency medicine, critical care, hospitalists, trauma surgery, internal medicine and primary care

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