Gulfcoast: Advanced Ultrasound Techniques for the Foot and Ankle



Advanced Ultrasound Techniques for the Foot and Ankle Training Video is designed to provide an advanced overview into the anatomy, scan techniques, and characteristics associated with ultrasound evaluation of the foot and ankle, including dynamic maneuvers.


    • LATERAL:

    • Calcaneofibular Ligament
    • Static and Dynamic
    • Subtalar Joint
    • Inframalleolar Peroneal
    • Distal Peroneals
    • Osperoneum

    • Peroneals
    • Superior Peroneal Retinaculum
    • Low Lying Brevis or Quartus Muscle Belly

    • Anterior Talofibular Ligament
    • Static and Dynamic
    • AITFL, Static and Dynamic
    • Anterolateral Gutter

    • Achilles
    • Kager’s Fat Pad
    • Retrocalcaneal Bursa Impingement
    • Os Trigom Injections
    • Subtalar Joint
    • MEDIAL:

    • Medial Tendon’s
    • Identify common Arthritic Joints and Setup Injections for the Midfoot
    • Plantar and Dorsal Evaluations of the Forefoot / Morton’s Neuroma


  • Identify the relationship of the peroneal tendons to the superior peroneal retinaculum and calcaneofibular ligament.
  • Evaluate the integrity of the calcaneofibular, anterior inferior tibiofibular and anterior talofibular ligaments with dynamic ultrasound examination.
  • Determine the safest approaches for injecting the ankle and midfoot joints.
  • Recognize the sonographic findings of 1st MTP joint gout.
  • Evaluate medial ankle tendons, ligaments and neurovascular structures with ultrasound.


Physicians, PA’s, sonographers and other medical professionals who will be involved with performing and/or interpreting diagnostic MSK ultrasound examinations. Physicians may include (but is not limited to) radiology, sports medicine, orthopedics, PM & R, Rheumatology, Primary Care, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Emergency Medicine.

Price : $ 15


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