Gulfcoast: Thyroid Pathology and Ultrasound – Guided Intervention



Thyroid Pathology and Ultrasound-Guided Intervention Training Video provides an overview of commonly seen pathology, case studies and discussion of ultrasound-guided interventional techniques associated with evaluation of the thyroid and cervical region.


  • Thyroid Nodules
  • Exam Protocols for Thyroid Cancer
  • Available Interventions


  • Identify ultrasound characteristics of benign and suspicious thyroid nodules.
  • Outline the ultrasound examination protocols of the neck in patients with thyroid cancer for identification of recurrent/residual disease.
  • List available interventions for ultrasound of the neck including the various ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration techniques.


Sonographers, physicians, nurse practitioners, PA’s or other medical professional performing and/or interpreting thyroid ultrasound examinations. Physician participants may include (but is not limited to) endocrinology, internal medicine, primary care, radiology, and general surgery.

Price : $ 15


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