Gulfcoast: Introduction to OB Sonography – The First Trimester



Introduction to OB Sonography: The First Trimester – Ultrasound Training Video provides a comprehensive review of embryology of pregnancy, indications for the study, normal findings, measurements and values for a 1st trimester study, and abnormal findings.


  • Embryology
  • Indications for Study
  • Gestational Sac
  • Yolk Sac
  • Embryo
  • Age Determination
  • Multiple Gestation Pregnancy
  • Amnionicity and Chorionicity
  • Placenta
  • CRL
  • Landmarks
  • Heart rate
  • Bleeding
  • Ectopic
  • Complications
  • Hydatidiform Mole
  • Abnormal/Absent Sac


  • Increase knowledge/competence to better perform and/or interpret first trimester OB ultrasound examinations.
  • Identify the presence or absence of a gestational sac.
  • Differentiate between an extra-uterine or intrauterine pregnancy.
  • Identify the fetal number.
  • Identify the presence or absence of cardiac activity.
  • Recognize the correct procedure for the CRL measurement.
  • Recognize the appearance of a Hydatidiform Mole.

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