The William M. Steinberg Board Review in Gastroenterology and Best Practices Course 2022


The Steinberg Board Review In Gastroenterology & Best Practices Course is designed for fellows and doctors preparing to their certifying board exams. In addition, practicing physicians benefit greatly from a comprehensive
practitiontrs and physician assistants in a GI practice will find this course invaluable for contunuing educational needs . Above all, the Steinberg Board Review in Gastroenterology & Best Practices Course sets
standard review of courses. More than 11,000 gastroenterologists attended this course since Dr. Steinberg created, many attendees take the course more than once.


1- Esophagus potpourri
2- Colonoscopy Best practices.
3- Acute Pancreatitis.
4- Irritable Bowel syndroms
5-Biliary Tract Disease
6- Board Review Questions
7- Portal Hypertension.
8-Disorders of Colonic and. anorectal mobility
9- Colon potourri board review questions
10- Autoimmune liver diseases
11- Drug induced liver disaeses.
12- ERCP / EUS
13-Gastric and Small Bowel disorder
14-Genetic Colon Polyps / cancer syndroms
15- Chronic pavcreatitis/CYSTS.
16-Genetic diseases of the live
17- Gastro – Duodenal Mucosal disorders
18-Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) I
19-Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) II
20- Motility disorders
21- liver diseases of pregnancy
22- Non – Mucosal small bowl disorder / Chronic d.mp4
23- Steatohepatitis
24- Endoscopy best practices.
25- Infections of the gut.
26- liver potpourri
27-Non-Variceal UGI Bleeding.
28- Small Bowel mucosal diseases.
29-Pancreatic Board Revie
30- Gastroesophageal reflux
31-Viral Hepatitis

Details : 59 MP4 + 31 MP3 + 2 PDF files  (Videos + Audios + Syllabus PDF + Email questions + Archived videos)

Price : $ 100



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