The Brigham Board Review in Allergy and Immunology 2018


 The Brigham Board Review in Allergy & Immunology 2018

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Board Review

Learn the latest strategies for managing allergic and immunologic disorders as you prepare for your ABIM exams.

Keep Abreast of Current Trends

The Brigham Board Review in Allergy & Immunology provides an in-depth coverage of a wide range of vital topics, keeping you abreast of the latest advances in the field. This CME course includes case-based lectures on topics like drug allergy, skin testing, insect sting allergy, anaphylaxis, food allergy, vaccines, aerobiology, etc. It will help you to better:

  • Integrate and demonstrate improved understanding of allergic/immunologic disorders
  • Identify and improve clinical competence-based practice gaps in allergy/immunology
  • Correlate pathophysiology and pathobiologic principles with clinical presentations
  • Stay updated on an expanding array of therapeutic options, their risks and benefits
  • Prepare for ABIM certification/recertification examinations
  • Integrate the knowledge gained into daily practice and provide utmost level of care to your patients

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