Gulfcoast: Venous Ultrasound for Point-of-Care



Venous Ultrasound for Point of Care Training Video is designed to review venous anatomy/physiology, imaging techniques and diagnostic criteria for performing a focused venous ultrasound exam for point-of-care applications.


  • Venous Anatomy and Physiology
  • Complete vs’ Focused Venous Exam
  • Examination Techniques
  • Diagnostic Criteria for Evaluation of Acute vs’ Chronic DVT
  • Other Sources of Venous Obstruction
  • Review of ACEP Algorithm for Performing a Focused Lower Extremity Venous Examination
  • Evaluation of the Upper Extremity Venous System


  • Outline scan protocols for performing a focused evaluation of lower extremity deep venous thrombosis.
  • Recognize normal venous image and Doppler characteristics.
  • Identify sonographic findings associated with the evaluation of acute and chronic DVT.
  • List other potential etiologies for abnormal venous ultrasound findings and/or patient symptoms.
  • Outline scan techniques and list ultrasound findings for the evaluation of upper extremity DVT.


Physicians sonographers and other medical professionals who will be performing a focused evaluation for deep venous thrombosis at the bedside. Physician participants include: emergency, critical care, Intensivists, primary care, and internal medicine.

Price : $ 15


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