Gulfcoast: Abdominal Scanning Fundamentals



Abdominal Scanning Fundamentals Training Video is designed to provide an overview of abdominal scanning fundamentals, anatomy, and image orientation for abdominal sonography.


  • Primary Abdominal Anatomical Landmarks
  • Anatomy Overview and Orientation
  • Scan Orientation: Longitudinal, Transverse, and Coronal Views and Patient Positioning
  • Normal Structural and Vascular Sonographic Characteristics
  • Abdominal Vasculature – Orientation and Scan Techniques
  • Normal Measurement Values


  • List anatomical landmarks of the abdomen.
  • State transducer scan planes and relational anatomy.
  • Outline sectional anatomy of the abdomen.
  • Identify vasculature, organs and potential spaces.
  • Recognize the normal size, echogenicity and texture of the abdominal organs.


Sonographers, physicians, nurse practitioners, PA’s or other medical professional performing and/or interpreting abdominal sonography. Physician participants may include (but is not limited to) : emergency medicine, critical care, primary care, internal medicine, and gastrointestinal.

Price : $ 10


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