Gulfcoast: Normal Carotid Duplex/Color Examination



Normal Carotid Duplex/Color Examination Training Video is designed to provide an overview of carotid duplex/color flow imaging fundamentals to include examination indications, cerebrovascular anatomy, scan techniques, normal image, spectral & Color Doppler characteristics. Examination protocols are outlined in accordance with IAC , AIUM, SRU, and ACR guidelines.


  • Clinical Indications for Performing Carotid Duplex/Color Flow Imaging
  • Disease Progression
  • Cerebrovascular Anatomy and Ultrasound Imaging and Doppler/Color Characteristics
  • Normal Spectral Doppler Characteristics & Routine Measurements
  • Carotid Scan Protocols


  • State the indications for performing carotid duplex/color flow examinations.
  • Identify normal anatomy and waveform characteristics of the CCA, Bifurcation, ICA, ECA, subclavian and vertebral arteries.
  • Demonstrate use of waveform patterns to differentiate low resistance and high resistance flow patterns.
  • List standard velocity and ratio measurements used to quantify disease.
  • Outline a comprehensive protocol and appropriate documentation as outlined by published ultrasound and accreditation guidelines.


Physicians, sonographers, PAs and other medical professionals involved with performing and/or interpreting vascular ultrasound examinations. Physician participants may include (but are not limited to) : Radiologists, vascular and general surgeons, cardiologists, internal medicine physicians, primary care/family medicine physicians, and neurologists.

Price : $ 10


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