Gulfcoast: Introduction to Transplant Sonography: Kidney, Liver and Pancreas



Introduction to Transplant Sonography: Kidney, Liver and Pancreas Training Video will cover the fundamentals of sonographic evaluation of kidney, liver and pancreatic transplants. Techniques and normal findings as well as commonly seen complications and their management will be presented.


  • Indications for Organ Transplants
  • Scanning Techniques; Protocols for Evaluation of Renal, Liver, and Pancreatic Transplants
  • Sonographic Characteristics and Diagnostic Criteria for Evaluation of Transplant Dysfunction
  • Technological Advancements and Future Ultrasound Applications for Evaluation of Transplants


  • State the history and recent advances in transplant surgery.
  • List the different surgical techniques used for organ transplants and the implications for findings during post-operative sonography.
  • Identify Doppler ultrasound findings in the normal transplant organ and state the implications of commonly seen abnormal findings.
  • Perform Imaging of the normal transplant organ and recognize abnormal findings indicating possible transplant compromise.


Physicians, PA’s, sonographers and other medical professionals who will be involved with performing and/or interpreting abdominal vascular duplex/color flow imaging examinations. Physicians may include (but is not limited to) radiology, general surgery, vascular surgery, cardiology, internal medicine, and primary care

Price : $15


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