ARRS : A Guide to Bowel Imaging 2019


This course covers varied aspects of bowel imaging which will give the participant a comprehensive overview of different bowel pathologies. It covers imaging of the bowel in the emergency room, bowel ischemia, Crohn disease, bowel neoplasms, postoperative imaging, CT colonography, and role of molecular imaging in bowel pathologies. All modalities including fluoroscopy, CT, MR, and molecular imaging are discussed.

Learning Outcomes and Lectures

After completing this course, the learner should be able to: Evaluate the role different modalities like fluoroscopy, CT, MR, and molecular imaging play in diagnosing bowel pathologies; Recognize imaging presentation of acute bowel conditions including bowel ischemia; Diagnose and characterize active and chronic Crohn disease on CT and MR enterography; Describe the imaging characteristics of various small bowel tumors; Optimize fluoroscopy techniques in diagnosing postoperative complications; Describe techniques to optimize CT colonography.

Module 1

  • Imaging of Crohn Disease—R. Sanyal 
  • Small Bowel Neoplasms—K. Porter 
  • Radionuclide Imaging of the Small Bowel—A. Goenka 
  • Acute Small Bowel Imaging—M. Little

Module 2

  • Evaluation of the Postoperative Stomach: Bariatric Surgical Anatomy and Complications—J. Pietryga
  • Imaging of Bowel Ischemia—A. Khandelwal
  • The Barium Enema: It’s Not All Black and White—J. Zarzour
  • Practical Tips for the Performance of CT Colonography—K. Chang

Details : 8 Videos

Price : $ 40


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