CCME The Cadaver-Based Emergency Procedures Course +The Suturing Self Study Course 2020


The Cadaver-Based Emergency Procedures Self‑Study Course

Under the direction of Dr. Joan Kolodzik, a frontline emergency physician with a master’s degree in human anatomy, the Cadaver-Based Emergency Procedures Course was designed to be a high-yield, focused educational experience. Taught by a cadre of emergency medicine experts, you’ll gain confidence as they take you through the nuances of performing a series of essential emergency procedures.

  • Created to help optimize the procedure-related techniques and skills of emergency care clinicians
  • The video was shot in a professional cadaver lab with no other students present in order to solely focus on the instruction of the distant learner
  • You’ll receive step-by-step instruction on unembalmed cadavers and simulators to create a lifelike experience
  • Integrates didactic PowerPoint presentations focusing on indications and contraindications for the various procedures combined with instruction on performing the procedures
  • Pearls and tricks of the trade will be presented to make performing the procedures as safe and efficient as possible


Price : $ 75


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