2021 Musculoskeletal Imaging in Clinical Practice

About This CME Teaching Activity
This activity provides a review of clinical applications concerning the diagnosis, treatment and management of the musculoskeletal disorders. Modern imaging strategies, surgical correlation and the need for intra-disciplinary teamwork when deciding the most effective patient management is addressed. Faculty share techniques and tips in image interpretation of musculoskeletal injuries and pathology. Information gained from this activity is geared to improve diagnostic capabilities and expand clinical applications.

Target Audience

This CME activity is designed to educate diagnostic imaging physicians who supervise and interpret musculoskeletal MRI. In addition, referring physicians who order musculoskeletal MRI should gain an appreciation of the strengths and limitations of these types of procedures.

Educational Objectives

At the completion of this CME teaching activity, you should be able to:

  • Optimize image protocols to accurately assess musculoskeletal injury and pathology.
  • Assess patients with joint pathology in a non-invasive manner utilizing MRI.
  • Recognize the strengths and limitations of MRI for the management of sports related injuries.
  • Describe the MR appearance of muscle and tendon injury.
  • Differentiate musculoskeletal masses and tumors.
  • Correlate MRI, ultrasound and surgical findings of musculoskeletal injury.

No special educational preparation is required for this CME activity.


Details : 34 Videos + 1 PDF

Price : $ 70



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