2018 American Society of Spine Radiology

About This CME Activity

The 2018 American Society of Spine Radiology CME Teaching activity provides presentations and discussions of new and important developments in spine radiology. Topically organized sessions concentrate on various aspects of diagnostic and interventional spine techniques. Nationally and internationally recognized experts share their experiences through didactic lectures, discussions and case-based reviews.

Diagnostic spine sessions highlight the latest in MR and CT imaging advances as well as controversies in spine imaging including infectious diseases, oncologic imaging/management, unique aspects of pediatric spine, the etiology of pain generators, spine trauma and spinal cord injury and advanced imaging ranging from diffusion tensor imaging to neurography.

Interventional spine sessions provide a basic to advanced review of spine interventional procedures, including augmentation procedures, epidural therapeutics, advanced nerve blocks and cryoablation techniques. 

Target Audience

This CME teaching activity is primarily intended and designed to educate radiologists, neuroradiologists, musculoskeletal radiologists, interventional radiologists, spine surgeons, pain management and rehabilitation physicians, anesthesiologists, as well as fellows and residents-in-training in these specialties. Course material is also aimed at allied health professionals, including physician assistants and nurse practitioners, who specialize, or have particular interest, in conditions affecting imaging and treating the spine.

Educational Objectives
At the completion of this CME teaching activity, you should be able to:
  • Demonstrate an increased understanding of recent advances in spine and peripheral nerve imaging to daily practice.
  • Review and understand the variety of diverse pathology that affects the spine, including congenital, degenerative, infectious/inflammatory, neoplastic, traumatic, and vascular conditions.
  • Develop greater understanding of the unique conditions that affect the spine and how imaging and image-guided intervention are used in their treatment.
  • Gain a better understanding of the controversies and limitations inherent to the diagnostic modalities and interventions used in the assessment and treatment of spinal diseases.
  • Understand the interplay between surgical intervention, oncology, percutaneous therapy and diagnostic imaging in the clinical management of spinal disease.

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