BYTM – Rhinoplasty Part III: Preservation & Structural, Tips & Techniques – Live Stream 2022

This video series features approximately 10 hours of cadaver dissections, lectures, presentations, and Q&A sessions by Master Rhinoplasty Surgeons Dean Toriumi, MD; Richard Davis, MD; and Mario Ferraz, MD. In-depth presentations by these expert surgeons demonstrate step-by-step techniques, providing tips & tricks for obtaining the best result while avoiding complications. If you missed this amazing educational event during the live broadcast, here’s a second chance to learn rhinoplasty from the masters while in the comfort of your home!

Welcome, Announcements, and Introductions
Richard Davis, MD
Tip Rhinoplasty
  • Nasal Base Stabilization
  • Lecture: Establishing the Tip Foundation – Richard Davis, MD
  • Lecture: Columellar Struts, Tongue-in-Groove, Caudal Septal Extension Grafts – Dean Toriumi, MD
  • Demo: Degloving the Tip Complex – Richard Davis, MD
  • Demo: Augmenting Central Tip Support With Columellar Strut Graft, TIG Setback, or SEG Graft – Dean Toriumi, MD
  • Cadaver Exercise With Faculty: Tip Exposure and Optimizing Central Tip Support
Tip Refinement Techniques
  • Lecture: Tip Grafts/Lateral Crural Strut Graft – Dean Toriumi, MD
  • Lecture: Brazilian Take on Lateral Crural Tensioning – Mario Ferraz, MD
  • Lecture: Flattening the Convex Lateral Crus While Conserving Lateral Wall Support – Richard Davis, MD
  • Cadaver Exercise With Faculty: Tip Refinement Techniques
  • Q&A With Faculty
  • Lecture: Tip Sutures – Dos and Don’ts – Dean Toriumi, MD
  • Cadaver Exercise With Faculty: Structural Tip Techniques – Putting It All Together
Dorsal Rhinoplasty 
  • Dorsal Refinement – Preservation Techniques
  • Demo: Dorsal Refinement With Power Osteoplasty/Conventional Osteotomy – Mario Ferraz, MD
  • Demo: Let-Down/Push-Down With Conventional Osteotomy Tools – Dean Toriumi, MD
  • Demo: Piezotome for Dorsal Preservation Rhinoplasty – Richard Davis, MD
  • Cadaver Exercise With Faculty: Osteoplasty and Osteotomy Hands-On Dorsal Refinement – Preservation Approach
  • Q&A With Faculty
Subdorsal Flaps for Foundation Dorsal Preservation (FDP) Hump Reduction – High, Intermediate, & Low
  • Lecture: An Overview of Foundation Techniques for Dorsal Preservation – Dean Toriumi, MD
  • Lecture: Dorsal Preservation: Indications, Ancillary Techniques (e.g. Ballerina Maneuver), and Limitations – Mario Ferraz, MD
  • Demo: The Subdorsal Intermediate Z-Flap for DP Hump Reduction – Richard Davis, MD
  • Demo: The Saban and SPAR-B (High) Flaps for FDP – Mario Ferraz, MD
  • Demo: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Indications of Various Subdorsal Septal Flaps (High, Intermediate, and Low Strip) – Dean Toriumi, MD
  • Cadaver Exercise With Faculty: FDP
  • Lecture: “Bail-Outs” in FDP Rhinoplasty – How to Salvage the Unexpected – Dean Toriumi, MD
  • Lecture: Secondary Rhinoplasty – How to Salvage the Mismanaged Nose – Richard Davis, MD
  • Lecture: Rib Cartilage Harvest and Processing in Secondary Rhinoplasty – Mario Ferraz, MD
  • Demo: Rib Graft Harvest Through Limited Incision – Dean Toriumi, MD
  • Cadaver Exercise With Faculty: Reconstituting the Unstable or Overresected Nose With Structural Grafting
  • Q&A With Faculty, Recap, and Suggestions for Incorporating FDP Into Your practice

Details : 2 Videos

Size : 13 Gb

Price : $ 60