The Aesthetic Series: Practical and Effective Approaches to Facial Rejuvenation and Nasal Surgery 2021

Join us for The Aesthetic Society’s “Practical and Effective Approaches to Facial Rejuvenation and Nasal Surgery”, taking place January 16! This third and final meeting in “The Aesthetic Series: Together, Everywhere” is an interactive online event chaired by Drs. Louis Bucky, Jason Roostaeian and Christopher Surek.

This is your opportunity to engage with some of the foremost experts in the specialty with education focused on the latest in Rhinoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation. Join us for a full day of education with topics covering neck surgery, eyelid rejuvenation, SMAS variations, dorsal aesthetics, variations in rhinoplasty and much more!

Tailored to meet your needs, this online event gives you the freedom to interact with your peers and industry representatives from the comfort of your own home while still experiencing a high engagement level with chat logs and Q&A during the live sessions. With the added benefit of on-demand viewing, you are able to come back to view the sessions again and again as your schedule permits.


Session 1: Optimizing Dorsal Aesthetics: To Preserve or Not to Preserve?
Structural and Precision Approaches to the Nasal Dorsum Rod Rohrich, MD
Obtaining Natural Results with Spreader Grafts Spencer Cochran, MD
Approaches to Dorsal Preservation Aaron Kosins, MD
How and Why I Switched to Dorsal Preservation Dean Toriumi, MD

Discussion Panel (Cochran, Elyassnia, Kosins, Rohrich, Roostaeian, Toriumi) – Spreader Flaps versus Spreader Grafts – Approaches to Cartilage Preservation – Bony Preservation, Where and When?

Session 2: Approaches to Tip Support and Contouring
Preservation of Pitanguy’s Ligament and Tip Support Dino Elyassnia, MD
Controlling the Tip: Grafts, Sutures, and Pitanguy Restoration Aaron Kosins, MD
Why I went from Columellar Struts to Septal Extension Grafts Rod Rohrich, MD

Discussion Panel – (Cochran, Elyassnia, Kosins, Rohrich, Roostaeian) -Are Structural Grafts Needed to Control the Tip? -Best Ways to Control Projection -Can Closed Rhinoplasty Really be as Precise as Open?

Session 3: Variations in Rhinoplasty  
Nasal Fillers Done Right
Nasal Skin Management in Rhinoplasty
My Approach to the Alar Base

Discussion Panel – (Rohrich, Roostaeian, Elyassnia, Kosins, Cochran) -Doing Fillers in Revisions, Is it Safe? -Best Approaches to Thick Skin -Tissue Augmentation in Rhinoplasty


Session 1: Deep versus Superficial Neck Surgery
Neck Anatomy Rapid Fire Christopher Surek, DO
Sub-Platysmal Surgery: What Lies Beneath Dino Elyassnia, MD
Minimally Invasive Approaches to Neck Contour Jason Pozner, MD
Dilute Fat in the Neck – Treating the Three Lamella of the Neck Lou Bucky, MD
Discussion Panel – Anterior versus Lateral Neck Approaches, Submandibular Gland Resection: Is it Necessary?, Tips on Approaching the Recurrent Platysmal Band Following Surgery
Session 2: SMAS Variations: Who, What and How?
Facelift Anatomy Rapid Fire Chris Surek, DO
High SMAS Technique Michael Lee, MD
SMASectomy Anatomy & Technique Steve Levine, MD
  It’s More Than Just the SMAS: It’s the Vector! Lou Bucky, MD
Discussion Panel – Plication versus SMAS Flaps – What to Pick?, Heavy Face versus Thin Face, Permanent versus Absorbable Suture for Fixation  
Session 3: Conquering the Challenges of Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation
Eyelid Anatomy Rapid Fire Chris Surek, DO
Lower Eyelid Laser Resurfacing Jason Pozner, MD
Transconjunctival Approach to Lower Eyelid Sammy Sinno, MD
 Supporting the Canthus: How and Why? Usha Rajagopal, MD

Date of Release : Jan 16, 2021

Price : $ 60


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