Asian Aesthetic Surgery Techniques, Volume 1: Asian Eyelid Surgery Using the Versatile Anchor Technique

Join Dr. Lee as he teaches the appropriate fold design, diagnosis, and treatment of subtle ptosis inherent in the majority of Asian eyelids, as well as the indications for performing a medial epicanthoplasty. The demonstrated technique, Anchor Blepharoplasty, is a versatile method which allows precise mini-corrections of even the most subtle ptosis commonly encountered in the Asian eyelid.

Procedures included:

Case 1: Asian blepharoplasty for early dermatochalasis using the anchor technique to create a secure lid crease, combined with skin excision for treatment of early signs of aging in a 30-year-old patient.

Case 2: Asian blepharoplasty with medial epicanthoplasty and ptosis repair, with a focus on correcting the medial epicanthal fold using the redraping technique. Diagnosis and treatment of subtle asymmetric ptosis common in the Asian eyelid is also demonstrated.

Case 3: Asian blepharoplasty and medial epicanthoplasty with ptosis repair, with an emphasis on diagnosing and treating subtle ptosis.

Case 4: Asian eyelid surgery with concomitant transpalpebral brow lift for correcting the aging eyelid.

Details : 4 Videos

Size : 9 Gb

Price : $ 40

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