Pass your MRCP PACES – completely rebuilt for PACES 2023

450 practice cases

Immersive exposure to more than 450 MRCP PACES patient cases – the ultimate exam practice course.

18 practice carousels

Confidently enter your exam ready for anything, having prepared with more exam carousels than any other course!

Elite consultant teaching

Watch how top UK consultants examine patients with real clinical signs, then present their findings

Professionally filmed

All our videos are professionally studio filmed in HD video. Our experienced film crew showcase rare clinical signs.

Comprehensive curriculum

Review every common station in the MRCP PACES, often more than once! Our course covers nearly every case you could see

JVP abnormalities

Videos of every recognised JVP abnormality with detailed descriptions of how to interpret this important clinical sign

Eye abnormalities

Animations of subtle clinical signs in the eye: 3rd, 4th, 6th nerve palsies, internuclear ophthalmoplegia and relative afferent pupillary defects

140 heart murmurs

Ever wished you could line up patients with different murmurs in a row and compare them all day long?


Details : 434 MP4 + 278 PDF files

Price : $ 150