First Aid USMLE-Rx Step 1 Qmax Qbank 2021 (Organ-wise)

If you can’t apply what you’ve learned to problem solve in clinical scenarios, then you won’t succeed on Step 1 or in your future medical career. That’s why Qmax breaks down the question and every answer option to show you how to get to the right answer. In fact, there’s not a Qbank like ours on the market! Learn to dissect questions to ace your exam, and start thinking like a physician today.

There’s no other Qbank like it:

  • Over 2,300 thoroughly reviewed USMLE-style questions
  • The most multi-step questions of any Qbank on the market
  • Customized practice exams based on your unique study needs
  • Two 160-item self-assessment exams comparable to NBME®, each consisting of 4 blocks of 40 board-style questions, to assess progress and readiness
  • Detailed progress reports with predictive scoring
  • Flag questions you need to review later
  • Concise “Bottom Line” takeaways
  • High-yield explanations with illustrations, charts, and more
  • See related First Aid facts exactly as they appear in the book
  • Effortlessly view Flash Facts* and Express Videos* related to each Qmax question

Price : $ 30


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