Gulfcoast: Introduction to Lower Extremity Arterial Testing


Introduction to Lower Extremity Arterial Testing Training Video is designed to provide an introduction for the evaluation of lower extremity arterial testing methods including physiological examinations such as PVR, segmental pressures, and ABI. Duplex/Color evaluation of the native vessels including normal and abnormal spectral/color Doppler characteristics and diagnostic criteria.


  • List arterial anatomy of the lower extremity.
  • Apply routine scan protocols for performing lower extremity arterial indirect and duplex/color examinations.
  • Cite normal and abnormal waveform characteristics for identifying arterial disease.
  • List diagnostic criteria associated with indirect and duplex/color imaging of lower extremity arterial evaluation.
  • Demonstrate PVR, segmental pressure and plethysmography measurements.


Sonographers who are proficient at performing vascular duplex/color examinations, physicians and other medical professional performing and/or interpreting non-invasive arterial testing. Participants may include, but are not limited to, those working in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Radiology, and General/Vascular Surgery

Price : $ 10


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