UPMC Perioperative Management Update 2021

Key Topics in Perioperative Management CME

UPMC Perioperative Management Update provides anesthesiologists and perioperative care team members with an up-to-date review of common topics that may not be encountered in daily practice.

This convenient online CME course explores key issues relevant to everyday practice — from the community hospital to the university medical center — including:

  • management and optimization of medical co-morbidities
  • major organ system pathology relative to perioperative care
  • operating room and practice management
  • difficult patient scenarios, including cardiac optimization
  • point-of-care testing and ultrasound
  • common pediatric and obstetrical problems
  • and more…


Unmet Needs in Perioperative Care and Solutions – Stephen A. Esper MD, MBA

Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation for Non-Cardiac Surgery: What about the Patient with Pulmonary Hypertension – Harikesh Subramanian, MBBS

Perioperative Testing: What is Required in 2021? – Stephen M. McHugh, MD, FASA

Perioperative Management: What about That Frail Patient, Do We Operate? – Sean A. Dechancie, DO

Perioperative Management: What Do We Do about That Pace Maker or Defibrillator? – Ryan Ball, MD, FASE

Perioperative Management: What Blood Components Do We Order and for What Indications? – Jonathan H. Waters, MD

Perioperative Management: What about Those Kidneys? – Joshua Knight, MD

Perioperative Management: Crystalloids, Colloids, What Fluid Do I Use? – Michael W. Best, MD, Maj, USAFR

Perioperative Management: How Do We Manage the Patient with Chronic Liver Disease? – Aisha P. Ullah, MD

Perioperative Management: What about All Those Endocrine Issues? – Evan Lebovitz, MD

Perioperative Management: What about That Patient with an Acute Stroke in Interventional Radiology? – Brian Gierl, MD

Periopaerative Management: What Do I Do for the Acute Cerebral Bleed? – Peter J. Ritchie, MD

Perioperative Management: How Can I Ever Understand All Those Fancy Neurophysiology Monitors? – Brian Gierl, MD

Perioperative Management: COPD, Asthma, Sleep Apnea, What Do I Do? – Catalin S. Ezaru, MD

Perioperative Management: How Do I Manage the Ventilator on That Patient with Pulmonary Failure? – A. Murat Kaynar, MD, MPH

Valvular Pathology in the Perioperative Setting – Elizabeth Ungerman, MD

Perioperative Management: How Do I Manage a Difficult Airway? – Andrew Herlich, DMD, MD, FAAP, FASA

Perioperative Management: Psychiatric Issues and ECT – Charles D. Boucek, MD, FASA

Perioperative Management: What are Common PACU Issues? – Li Meng, MD, MPH

Perioperative Management: How Do We Manage the Patient with Poly-substance Abuse? – Kristin M. Ondekco Ligda, MD, FASA

Perioperative Management: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, Multimodal Analgesia, and Minimizing Narcotic Use – Gerhardt Konig, MD

Perioperative Management: Supplements and Anesthesia – High Yield Need to Know – Anthony T. Silipo, MD

Perioperative Management: Quality Improvement and How to Make Things Better – Dennis P. Phillips, DO

Perioperative Management: What is POCUS? – Michael Boisen, MD, FASE

Perioperative Management: Can Someone Please Give Me a Quick Tip on How to Do That Block? – Michelle Masnovi, MD

Perioperative Management: How Do I Handle the Pregnant Trauma Patient? – Kate Petty, MD

Perioperative Management: I Have to Cover an OB Shift, What are the Common Emergencies? – Patricia Dalby, MD

Perioperative Management: Common Pediatric Cases, How Do I Manage Them in the Community Hospital? – Denise Hall Burton, MD

Perioperative Management: I Just Got a Patient with Down’s Syndrome, What Do I Need to Know? – Khoa N. Nguyen, MD

Perioperative Management: Congenital Heart Diseases, How Do I Handle Them? – Phillip Adams, DO

Perioperative Care: ICU Issues for the Anesthesiologist – Konstantinos Alfaras-Melainis, MD

Perioperative Management: How Do I Practice Safe Medicine in This Medical Malpractice Era? – Daniel R. Sullivan, MD, JD, MBA

Perioperative Management: Lessons Learned from the COVID Experience – Kimberly Cantees, MD, MBA

Perioperative Management: Basic Principles for Scheduling a Complex Operating Room – Shawn T. Beaman, MD, FASA

Perioperative Management: What Does the Future Look Like in Anesthesiology? – David G. Metro, MD, FASA

Details : 35 Videos , 2 PDF

Price : $ 50


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