UCSF Hot Topics in Primary Care Medicine (2019)


 UCSF Hot Topics in Primary Care Medicine 2019

University of California San Francisco Clinical Update

In this in-depth collection of lectures, experienced primary care clinicians reveal key strategies for office-based preventive medicine.

Explore the Latest Developments

UCSF Hot Topics in Primary Care Medicine presents a comprehensive review of new developments in outpatient medicine, with emphasis on the day-to-day controversies of office practice. Led by Robert B. Baron, MD, MS, this CME program highlights best practice guidelines for a range of topics, from cancer screening and allergy and immunology, to current approaches to gout, depression, dermatology, sports medicine, osteoporosis, and more.

It will help you to better:

  • Manage common problems including high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, asthma, COPD, stroke, TIAs, vertigo, STDs, diabetes, hearing loss, sinusitis, substance abuse, and more
  • Diagnose and treat special problems in women’s health
  • Select the best diagnostic tests
  • Understand health disparities and your role in providing equitable, patient-centered care

Details : 21 Videos

File Size : 3.2 Gb

Price : 50 $


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