UCSF Emergency and Trauma Imaging 2021


Convenient and Comprehensive Radiology CME

In UCSF Emergency and Trauma Imaging, speakers deliver case-based lectures that highlight imaging features across the major organ systems, as well as the latest imaging techniques increasingly used in the emergency/trauma setting: standard CT, MR, and US, along with dual energy CT, quantitative diffusion imaging, and combined MR/XR imaging for acute stroke care.

This continuing medical education course — a collaborative effort between UCSF Medical Center and Zuckerberg SF General Hospital and Trauma Center — is available online so you can earn CME credits whenever, wherever. It will help you to better:

  • Implement the latest imaging protocols for rapid assessment of complex acute polytrauma patients
  • Distinguish between common anatomic variants, injury mimics, and common thoracic vascular emergencies
  • Identify key imaging features of the most common emergent brain, spine, head & neck, and abdominopelvic pathologies
  • Differentiate between emergent and non-emergent indications for interventional radiology
  • Use search patterns to identify frequently missed musculoskeletal trauma findings


  • Acute Pelvic Pain in the Non-Gravid Female – Lori M. Strachowski, MD
  • Abdominal Trauma 1: Hemodynamic Compromise – Alexander V. Rybkin, MD
  • Abdominal Trauma 2: Solid Organ Injury – Alexander V. Rybkin, MD
  • Bowel and Mesenteric Trauma – Preethi Raghu, MD
  • Genitourinary Trauma – Mark D. Sugi, MD
  • Scrotal Emergencies – Shital Gandhi, MD, MBBS
  • Imaging of Postpartum Complications – Hailey H. Choi, MD
  • Thoracic Vascular Trauma – Brian M. Haas, MD
  • Pulmonary Embolism – Kimberly G. Kallianos, MD
  • Common Misses in MSK Trauma – Kevin C. McGill, MD, MPH
  • MSK Trauma Case Review – Preeti Sukerkar, MD, PhD
  • Role of Dual Energy CT in Emergency Imaging – Michael A. Ohliger, MD, PhD
  • CT Technologist Perspective: Trauma Imaging – Linda Jeung, RT and Loretta Johnson, RT
  • Imaging Infections of the CNS – Jared Narvid, MD
  • Acute Stroke Diagnosis and Management – Daniel L. Cooke, MD
  • Imaging of Time-Critical Neurological Emergencies – Soonmee Cha, MD
  • Neuro Trauma: A Neurosurgeon’s Perspective – Phiroz E. Tarapore, MD
  • Vascular Emergencies of the Head & Neck – Andrew Callen, MD
  • Acute Toxic, Anoxic and Metabolic Abnormalities of the Brain – Shital Gandhi, MD, MBBS
  • Traumatic Brain Injury – Esther L. Yuh, MD, PhD
  • Trauma Surgery Perspective: Solid Organ and Pelvic Fracture Management – Deborah M. Stein, MD, MPH
  • Role of IR in a Trauma Center – Mark W. Wilson, MD
  • Splenic Trauma and Intervention – Mark W. Wilson, MD
  • Pelvic Trauma and Intervention – Miles B. Conrad, MD, MPH
  • Biopsies and Drainages from Hell – Miles B. Conrad, MD, MPH
  • Role of Race and Bias Elements in the IR Trauma Setting – Vishal S. Kumar, MD, FSIR
  • What is an IR Emergency (and What is it Not?) – Sujal M. Nanavati, MD
  • Trauma from Diagnosis to Discharge – Eugene J. Huo, MD
  • Radiology of Ballistics Injury – John R. Dryden, MD
  • Emergency Patients from the Interventional Radiology NP Perspective – Ryan Sincic, NP

Details : 30 Videos , 2 PDF

Price : $ 50