Intensive Update in Pain Management 2022


Pain Management CME: Learn the Latest Strategies for Optimal Care

The practice of pain medicine is undergoing tremendous changes as a result of therapeutic advances, healthcare reform, and the impact of the opioid crisis and COVID-19. Cleveland Clinic’s Intensive Update in Pain Management features in-depth reviews and analyses of recent advances in pain medicine and regional anesthesia/analgesia.

In this online CME course, a renowned faculty provide insightful assessment and clinical practice evaluation of key topics to:

  • Promote a better understanding of the pathophysiology of acute and chronic pain
  • Enhance knowledge regarding various chronic somatic and neuropathic pain conditions
  • Critically review novel state-of-the-art interventional and non-interventional techniques in diagnosis and management of chronic pain


The Fundamentals

Anatomic Basis for Treating Joint Pain – Maxim Eckmann, MD

Interventional Approaches to Managing Chronic Musculoskeletal Joint Pain – Maxim Eckmann, MD

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Essentials of Our Current Understanding – Magdalena Anitescu, MD, PhD

Surgical Approaches for Low Back Pain and Spinal Stenosis – Michael P. Steinmetz, MD

Panel Discussion – Question and Answer – Session Faculty

Regulatory, Billing and Ethical Challenges in Pain Practice

State Medical Boards and Opioid Prescribing – Damean Freas, DO

Medicare Billing Changes – Impact on Practice – Sharon Merrick, MS, CCS-P

Challenges in Utilizing Digital Medicine for Chronic Pain Management – Kevin Vorenkamp, MD

Solutions to Problematic Billing and Coding Situations – Sharon Merrick, MS, CCS-P

Emerging Pharmacological and Interventional Treatment

TDD vs SCS: Conventional Wisdom vs Science – Nagy Mekhail, MD, PhD

Basi-vertebral Nerve Ablation – Magdalena Anitescu, MD, PhD

Shoulder Radiofrequency Ablation – Maxim Eckmann, MD

Interspinous Spacers for Spinal Stenosis – Timothy R. Deer, MD

What is the Role of Evoked Compound Action Potential (ECAP) Monitoring in Neuromodulation Outcomes? – Erika A. Petersen, MD

Panel Discussion – Question and Answer – Session Faculty

Neuromodulation: Effective Utilization of Targets, Techniques, and Devices

What are the Unmet Needs in Neuromodulation in 2022? – Nagy Mekhail, MD, PhD

High Frequency Stimulation – Erika A. Petersen, MD

Burst Stimulation – Timothy R. Deer, MD

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation – Vafi Salmasi, MD

Feedback Modified Stimulation – Erika A. Petersen, MD

Do Multiple Waveforms Diminish SCS Tolerance? – Timothy R. Deer, MD

Intrathecal Drug Delivery – Shrif Costandi, MD

Neuromodulation – Effective Utilization of Targets, Techniques, and Devices DRG Stimulation – Lynn R. Kohan, MD

Neuromodulation – Changing Paradigms and Devices: How Do I Choose the Best One For My Patient?

Matching the Diagnosis and the Technique/Device for the Best Patient Outcome – A Case Discussion with the Experts – Moderator: Nagy Mekhail, MD, PhD, Panelists: Timothy R. Deer, MD; Maxim Eckmann, MD; Erika A. Petersen, MD; David A. Provenzano, MD; Vafi Salmasi, MD; Shalini Shah, MD

The National Opioid Epidemic: Finding Balance in a Changing Environment

Opioid Stewardship at the Provincial Level – Hance Clarke, MD, PhD

Perioperative Pain Management for Major Spine Surgical Procedures – A Surgeon’s Perspective – Michael P. Steinmetz, MD

Misapplication of Guidelines in Addressing the Opioid Crisis? – Richard W. Rosenquist, MD

What is the Role of the Transitional Pain Service? – Hance Clarke, MD, PhD

Safely Tapering Opioids – Is There a Recipe or Best Practice? – Lynn R. Kohan, MD

Low Back Pain

Optimizing Surgical Referrals for Low Back Pain – Michael P. Steinmetz, MD

Medical Management of Chronic Back Pain – Ellen W. K. Rosenquist, MD

Long-term Management After Failed Surgical Outcomes – Vafi Salmasi, MD

Regenerative Treatments for Low Back Pain – Evidence and Current Status – Kevin Vorenkamp, MD

Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain: Optimizing Treatment Recommendations for Long-Term Success – Philip Toal, PT, DPT

Complications Following Spinal Fusion Procedures – Imbalance and Adjacent Segment Disease – Michael P. Steinmetz, MD

Panel Discussion – Question and Answer – Session Faculty

Medical Marijuana

Role of Cannabinoids in Chronic Pain Treatment – Hance Clarke, MD, PhD

Musculoskeletal Pain Management: Expanding Options for Full Spectrum Treatment

Evaluating the Patient with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain – Vafi Salmasi, MD

Ultrasound Guided Joint and Tendon Injections – Sree Kolli, MD

Physical Therapy for Joint Pain – Formal and Home Based Treatments – Philip Toal, PT, DPT

Myofascial Pain – Common Locations and Contemporary Treatments – George E. Girgis, DO

Panel Discussion – Question and Answer – Session Faculty

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