The Brigham Board Review in Endocrinology 2021


Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Oakstone Board Review

This comprehensive board review course covers key topics, evolving medical guidelines and therapeutic strategies in endocrinology.

Keep Up with Evolving Guidelines

This online CME course in endocrinology is extremely thorough, covering a range of key topics and core concepts in the specialty. The Brigham Board Review in Endocrinology includes case-based lectures on a range of practice improvement areas, including adrenal, bone health and osteoporosis, cardiovascular endocrinology, diabetes, obesity, and thyroid. It will help you to better:

  • Integrate and demonstrate increased overall knowledge of endocrine diseases
  • Identify and improve knowledge and clinical competence-based practice gaps
  • Correlate pathophysiology and pathobiologic principles with clinical presentations
  • Describe optimal therapeutic strategies and their risks and benefits
  • Apply the knowledge and strategies gained to the board exam and daily practice

Details : 53 videos + 2 PDF

Price : 60 $


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