HIPPO Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2022

Recharge, Reconnect, and Rediscover Your Passion for EM.

Get Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2022

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What’s included in EEM 2022?

Education on-demand

This year’s Essentials of Emergency Medicine is coming to you on-demand to make it easier than ever for you to stay current, connected, and engaged with EEM’s series of meticulously designed lectures.

Explore the full EEM 2022 on-demand experience starting June 7 with access to all of the EEM 2022 talks, demos, and discussions when you want no matter where you are!

What makes Essentials of Emergency Medicine different?

As EM clinicians ourselves, we know that our job can be frustrating, stressful, and even isolating at times. People come back to Essentials of Emergency Medicine year after year because they know it’s a learning party with lots of friends, laughs, and reminders of why we do what we do.

Join us for the most inspiring, energizing, and educational event in emergency medicine. We start with our meticulously designed and pearl-laden 5 – 15 minute talks, delivered to you by the best educators in EM. Then we pack it all into an experience full of fun that’ll rekindle your passion for emergency medicine and have you looking forward to applying the latest practice-changing medicine during your next shift.

Why does Hippo Host Essentials of Emergency Medicine?

At Hippo Education we’re committed to helping front-line medical professionals stay current, connected, and passionate. We’re a physician-founded, physician-run company focused on supporting a cadre of top-notch clinicians, like you.

Our energy goes toward recruiting the most astute and entertaining educators in medicine and providing them with every resource necessary to create the best education possible. Everything we make is specifically designed for busy medical professionals – it’s concise and segmented into easily digestible pieces to fit into your packed schedule. We believe the very best education is memorable and entertaining.

We continually invest in high-end, creative production and app technologies. We know your educational experience makes the difference – not only between passing and failing an exam, but often between life and death.

See how good medical education can be.

Lectures : 

New ACC/AHA/SAEM chest pain guidelines

Recent cardiology articles that you’ve got to know!

My favorite ECG articles of the year

My favorite ECG of the year

BER vs STEMI: How can I tell the difference?

Thumbs up: How I do a thumb spica

Getting it straight: Commonly missed knee extension diagnoses

How I do a knee aspiration

Foot exam and X-ray: Clinical correlation is required

Hand exam and X-ray: Clinical correlation is required

Shoulder tips: Practice-changing pearls

Pneumonia ADP

Phenobarbital ADP

High sensitivity troponin ADP

ACLS ADP updates

Transplant emergencies: What you cannot miss!

Sickle cell updates

Trauma: Extremity exsanguination

Recent trauma articles that you gotta know

Can I skip the CXR if I’m going to panscan?

When to shelve the PRBCs: Whole blood resuscitation in trauma patients

Don’t trip up: Why you’ll never say mechanical fall again

Calm not comatose: How to manage the agitated older patient

Pay attention to inattention: How to diagnose and manage delirium

The pain-free STEMI: How to not miss ACS in older patients

Breaking down the case: Pediatric fever nuances

Peds rashes 101: Crush these 5 most common rashes

BRUE updates

How to Treat ESBL, CRE, and DTR-Pseudomonas

Antibiotics: Is shorter better?

STI Updates

Appy: Do we even need the surgeon?!

Outpatient COVID management


Is it even tox?

Pediatric DKA updates

Pediatric (Non-traumatic) red eye

Teen Spirit: Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll

Iatrogenic abdominal compartment syndrome

Rxs that break my heart

Neuropathic pain in the ED: what can we do?

Legal lessons

Cardiac risk stratification update: the latest on HEART, GRACE, EDACS, CRACE

The ultimate migraine cocktail

Syncope scores: They all suck. Here is who to admit

Ketamine-only intubation: Good or bad?

Video laryngoscopy secrets

Five traits of high performing teams: How to use this to make resus better

Cardiogenic shock: Pitfalls to avoid

Practice makes perfect? How to get comfortable with HALO procedures

High flow hacks: How to titrate, when to ditch it, switch to CPAP/BiPAP, when to intubate

TTM in 2022

Mind of the Resuscitationist

Most important critical care papers of the year

How I do cricothyroidotomy

Ultra-rapid reversal of anticoagulation for ICH

Breaking down the case: Pediatric fever nuances

The erector spinae block

POCUS for life-threatening soft tissue infections

Shoulder POCUS

Diplopia for dummies

Beyond “I can’t look left”: How to detect subtle EOM palsies

Rheumatologic eye emergencies

Details : 119 Videos

Size : 51 Gb

Price : $ 100


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