ECHO-Guided Life Support Using Ultrasound to Categorise Shock and Guide Initial Management

Course SummaryThe purpose of this activity is to provide learners with knowledge and competence in the use of ultrasound techniques in emergency situations

Target AudienceThis internet-enduring material is designed for physicians, mid-level providers, and nurses practicing in the specialty of emergency medicine, critical care, and resuscitation.

Learning ObjectivesUpon completion of this activity, you should be able to:

  • Categorize undifferentiated shock via an algorithmic approach
  • Identify pneumothorax and interstitial syndrome with lung ultrasound
  • Identify the signs of obstructive shock (tamponade & PE)
  • Qualitatively assess LV function
  • Assess the IVC
  • Assess volaemia and fluid responsiveness potential


Module 1: Introduction & Lung Ultrasound

  •  Lecture: Introduction & Lung
  •  Tutorial: Lung
  •  Tutorial: Pleural Effusions

Module 2: Subcostal and IVC

  •  Lecture: Subcostal & IVC
  •  Tutorial: Subcostal View
  •  Tutorial: Inferior Vena Cava

Module 3: Focused Cardiac Ultrasound

  •  Lecture: Focused Cardiac
  •  Tutorial: Parasternal Long Axis View
  •  Tutorial: Parasternal Short Axis View
  •  Tutorial: Left Lateral Decubitus Positioning
  •  Tutorial: Apical Four-Chamber
Module 4: Algorithmic approach to shock

  •  Lecture: At the Bedside
  •  Tutorial: Algorithmic Approach to Shock

Module 5: Cases

  •  Lecture: Case Discussion
  •  Lecture: Conclusion

Details : 15 videos

Price : $ 25


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