Hippo Primary Care Bootcamp : Adult 2023

Primary Care Bootcamp: Adult

Confidently manage the complexity of a busy primary care practice. Conquer clinical practice and the nuance of primary care medicine. Whether you’re just starting out, transitioning from another specialty, or are a seasoned clinician, this video-based bootcamp course condenses years of training into short, easy-to-digest videos.

Fill the gap between training and clinical practice.

Hone your primary care skills with 150+ videos, featuring common clinical conditions, preventive care guidelines, procedures, and more.

Learn more in less time.

Our easy-to-use interface allows you access on a mobile device or computer. Watch on your lunch break, between patients, or listen on your commute.

Explore beyond diagnosis and treatment.

Go past the black and white of textbook education. Embrace the gray; dive into the art of patient communication, the nuance of preventive care guidelines, and how to apply textbook knowledge to the patient on your exam table.

Learn from experienced clinicians.

Created and delivered by veteran healthcare professionals; learn “real-world” knowledge, and walk into your first day on the job feeling like a pro.

Price : $ 100

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