Clinical Endocrinology Update 2021 Session Recording


Receive the latest treatment recommendations in endocrinology with session recordings from Clinical Endocrinology Update (CEU) 2021. Renowned experts presented a comprehensive case-based virtual program, providing practical recommendations that can be directly applied to your daily practice

CEU 2021 Session Recordings contain the most comprehensive review of clinical endocrinology. Enhance your endocrinology practice with the most recent and advanced breakthroughs, from our top-rated clinical program.

Learn on-the-go, with features including:

– Presentation slides synchronized with recorded audio presentations

– Speakers’ mouse movements captured and included in playback

– Presentations searchable by session title, presentation title, and speaker name

– Downloadable MP3 files of presentation audio

Content :

– Welcome and Introduction

– Master Clinician: Clinical Challenges in Secondary Osteoporosis

– The Endocrinologist’s Approach to Male Infertility

– What’s New in Lipid Lowering Therapies?

– Endocrine Debate: Testosterone Therapy in Women: Never or Sometimes?

– Meet the Professor: Calcium Conundrums

– Meet the Professor: When is a Lipid Panel Not Enough?

– T Test: What is the Best Test?

– Updates in Osteoporosis Treatment

– What the Endocrinologist Needs to Know About the Diagnosis and Management of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and NASH

– Disorders of Phosphate

– Master Clinician: Alopecia in Women: The Endocrinologist’s Approach

– Meet the Professor: Overcoming Barriers to Obesity Therapy, a Case-Based Approach

– Automated Insulin Delivery in the Management of T1DM

– Master Clinician: CKD and Diabetes: Management of Diabetes in Patients with Progressive CKD

– Meet the Professor: Tips for Clinicians for Genetic Evaluations of Adrenal Disorders

– Health Disparities in Diabetes

– Meet the Professor: Management of Adrenal Tumors in Pregnancy

– Meet the Professor: Pancreatogenic Diabetes

– Important and Practice-Changing Publications in Diabetes, 2021

– Master Clinician: Chromaffin Tumors Perspectives

– Utility of Adrenal Androgens in Clinical Practice

– Meet the Professor: Facing the Challenges of Severe Insulin Resistance

– Prevention and Management of Hypoglycemia

– Primary Aldosteronism: Once a Zebra, Now a Horse

– Master Clinician: Management of Aggressive Pituitary Tumors: When to Consider Alternative Nonsurgical Treatments

– Meet the Professor: Thyroid on the Internet: Myths and Misperceptions

– The Year in Thyroid

– 6,000 + Transsphenoidal Operations: Lessons Learned

– Meet the Professor: Management of Hyperthyroidism in Pregnancy

– Thyroid Cancer Overdiagnosis

– Meet the Professor: Challenges in the Management of Cushing’s Disease

– Meet the Professor: Current Trends in Treatment of Hypopituitarism

– Thyroid Tumor Board

– Meet the Professor: The Thyroid and Body Weight

– Update on the Management of Thyroid Nodules

– Year in Clinical Pituitary

Release Date : September 2021 

Details : 39 MP4 , 39 MP3

Price : $ 90


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