Addiction Medicine Board Exam Preparation Track (2020)

The Board Exam Preparation Track is designed for physicians taking the Addiction Medicine Board Exam from the American Board of Preventive Medicine.

  • A goal is to improve pass rates by helping test takers focus on high-yield concepts and successful study methods.
  • Presented in question and video format for maximum retention.
  • Topics not covered in presentations will be identified.

It consists of:

  • Video presentations from the 2020’s Board Exam Review Track (7.25 CME credits). Expert presenters outline key material and board-style questions on topics covered on the exam, test taking and study tips. Following recommendations from last year’s test-takers, questions on Preventive Medicine were covered in greater depth this year. The material is ordered by topic and all questions feature references and explanatory notes.

Target Audience

  1. Those planning on taking the ABPM Addiction Medicine Board Exam.
  2. Physicians and other clinicians who wish to conduct a self assessment of their knowledge of addiction medicine in order to identify areas for further study.

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to assist learners in assessing their competence in subject areas that comprise addiction medicine, and plan further study as needed.


Introduction – Mason Turner, Md
Social Science – Dustin Deyoung, Md
Club Drugs Hallucianogens -mary Mulligan, Md
Nicotine -mason Turner, Md
Psychosocial Treatment -dustin Deyoung, Md
Pregnancy and Preventive Medicine -deborah Stephenson, Md
Basic Science -thomas Meeks, Md
Opioids and Pain -thomas Meeks, Md
Alcohol -john Tsuang, Md
Dual Diagnosis -john Tsuang, Md
Cannabis -marie Mulligan, Md
Medical Presentations -triveni Defries, Md
Sedative Hypnotics -angie Chen, Md
Adolescents Special Topics -mason Turner, Md

Details : 14 Videos

Price : $ 50


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