Castlefest 20 On Demand 2020

Virtual Castlefest 2020 will include 2 days of cutting edge and engaging ultrasound talks given by experts from around the world.  Join us LIVE on November 9th and 10th, 2020! We will stream brand-new lectures never-before-seen and have a question and answer session live with the lecturers immediately after their talks.

​Topics/Speakers : 

– Introduction
– Knobology with Kat Ogle
– Basic Cardiac with Peter Weimersheimer
– Basic Lung with Jacob Avila
– EFAST with Amy Zeidan
– Soft Tissue and MSK with Leen Alblaihed
– Aorta and Renal with Claire Heslop
– Intussusception with Lianne Mclean
– Pediatric Lungs with Lianne Mclean
– Pelvic with Amy Zeidan
– Hepatobiliary with Kat Ogle
– Transesophageal Echo with Peter Weimershimersnsner
– Ocular Scanning with Jacob Avila, MD
– DVT with Mike Stone
– VEXUS score with Terren Trott
– Nerve Blocks with Jacob Avila
– Advanced Echo with Terren Trott
– Bowel with Creagh Boulger
– Ultrasound in shock with Rachel Liu
– Vascular Access with Ben Smith

Details : 20 Videos

Size : 5.3 Gb

Price :  $ 30


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