Bromley Emergency Courses 2021

Bromley Emergency Courses has been providing face to face and online MRCEM and FRCEM training and Ultrasound courses for doctors since 2005. We focus on PoCUS, MRCEM/FRCEM exams and OSCEs.

Our PoCUS ultrasound courses cover the curriculum for RCEM (Core Ultrasound), plus various other PoCUS courses for emergency settings. We have a wide range of US systems (including hand-helds), phantoms and a scannable simulator. We have a large faculty of practising clinicians.

For the MRCEM and FRCEM examinations we have developed intensive short training courses based on detailed analysis of the curriculum and extensive knowledge of the exams. We have a strong team of actors for OSCE courses and a high quality teaching faculty. We run courses and provide online training for:

  • MRCEM Primary
  • MRCEM Intermediate SBA (previously FRCEM Intermediate SAQ)
  • FRCEM SBA (previously FRCEM Final SAQ)
  • Final OSCE

We also offer online videos for PLAB 2. Our online resources have been built by a strong team of actors for these OSCE courses and a teaching faculty with specific PLAB 2 skills.

Contents included:

  • FAMUS Ultrasound (Focus Acute Medicine Ultrasound) (13 videos)
  • FRCEM Intermediate Videos (MRCEM Intermediate SBA Resources) (39 videos)
  • FRCEM Primary Videos (MRCEM Primary Revision Resources) (35 videos)
  • Level 1 Ultrasound (12 videos)
  • MRCEM OSCE All Videos (98 videos)
  • PLAB 2 OSCE Online Courses (102 videos)

Details : 324 Videos

Price : $ 60


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