2022 Classic Lectures in Musculoskeletal Imaging: What You Need to Know


About This CME Teaching Activity
This CME teaching activity is a comprehensive musculoskeletal teaching course focusing on the shoulder, knee, spine, hip, ankle, wrist, hand and foot. Practical lectures from experienced faculty provide up-to-date imaging techniques and protocols along with imaging strategies and advanced applications. This program is designed for physicians who order, perform and interpret musculoskeletal imaging procedures.

Target Audience
This CME teaching activity is primarily intended and designed to educate physicians who supervise and interpret musculoskeletal imaging studies. It should be particularly helpful for radiologists and orthopedic surgeons. This activity should also be useful for referring physicians who order these studies so that they might gain a greater appreciation of the strengths and limitations of clinically relevant musculoskeletal imaging.

Educational Objectives

At the completion of this CME teaching activity, you should be able to:

  • Optimize musculoskeletal imaging protocols and techniques.
  • Utilize a multi-modality approach to diagnose musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Discuss the value of incorporating advanced imaging techniques to evaluate musculoskeletal disorders.

No special educational preparation is required for this CME activity.

Details : 42 Videos

Price : $ 100



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