2018 HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting

2018 HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting

General Meeting Information
The 2018 HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting provides a forum for the open exchange and discussion of research results and scientific advancements in the field of heart failure; however, HFSA makes no representation or warranty as to the truth, originality, or accuracy of the information presented. Nor are the views expressed by the individual speakers necessarily the view of HFSA. HFSA supports the ACCME’s policy on evidence-based content and requires faculty to adhere to these standards when preparing a presentation.
Intended Audience
HFSA’s Annual Scientific Meeting is intended for physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, scientists, and health care professionals who specialize or have an interest in heart failure.
Learning Objectives

Following this meeting, attendees will be able to:

1. Describe the epidemiology of HF and implement strategies for the prevention of HF.
2. Discuss the current scientific basis of HF from the perspectives of cardiovascular physiology, neurohormones, tissue factors, molecular biology, and genetics.
3. Identify the findings of basic science research and current clinical trials and describe their implications for current and future HF therapy.
4. Implement optimal guideline-based therapeutic options for HF, including pharmacologic agents, non-pharmacologic options, such as diet and exercise; and implantable devices.
5. Manage comorbidities including hypertension, diabetes, depression, sleep apnea, and chemotherapy.
6. Demonstrate awareness of psychosocial, economic, regulatory, and ethical issues in the treatment of patients with HF.
7. Implement strategies for effective management of the patient with HF, incorporating the family, encouraging self-care, and employing the team approach.
8. Outline strategies for transitioning patients from impatient to outpatient care and for reducing hospital readmissions.
9. Engage in performance measurement and other site-based research.
10. Outline strategies for more effective communication. 

Specific learning objectives for each of the scientific sessions and satellite symposia are listed in the meeting app.

Competencies Addressed

The 2018 scientific program contains content that addresses the following ABMS core competencies:

• Patient care
• Medical knowledge
• Interpersonal and communications skills
• Professionalism
• Systems-based practice
• Sessions also address the following ABIM specified competency areas in advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology:
• Epidemiology and risk factors
• Pathophysiology of heart failure
• Hemodynamics and hemodynamic monitoring
• Heart failure and normal ejection fraction
• Heart failure with renal dysfunction / cardiorenal syndrome
• Diagnostic tests and procedures
• Acute decompensation of chronic heart failure
• Subset of patients with heart failure, including women, the elderly, and different racial or ethnic groups
• Heart failure comorbidities
• Heart failure and pregnancy
• Cardiomyopathies
• Pharmacotherapy
• Implantable devices
• Heart transplant
• Mechanical circulator support
• End-of-life issues

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