2018 Classic Lectures in Cardiac CTA

About This CME Teaching Activity
Classic Lectures in Cardiac CTA is a comprehensive review of basic to advanced CT imaging of the heart. This activity focuses on technique optimization, anatomy, common variants, interventional procedures such as TAVR and bypass graft evaluation. In addition, important extracardiac findings, a modern imaging approach to acute cardiac syndrome, tips, pitfalls, case presentations and imaging performance strategies are emphasized.

Target Audience
This program is designed to educate physicians who order, perform and interpret cardiac CTA examinations.

Educational Objectives
At the completion of this CME teaching activity, you should be able to:
  • Apply state-of-the-art cardiac CTA techniques to clinical practice.
  • Discuss recent advancements in cardiac CTA imaging techniques.
  • Recognize the CT appearance of normal cardiovascular anatomy, congenital anomalies and common pathology.
  • Assess the benefits and pitfalls of CT/CTA in the evaluation of cardiac pathology.
  • Apply imaging algorithms and protocols for the diagnosis and characterization of acute and chronic chest pain including coronary artery disease, the cardiomyopathies, aortic disease, and cardiac valvular disease.

Details : 21 Videos

Price : $ 40


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