Asian Aesthetic Surgery Techniques, Volume 2: Asian Rhinoplasty Using Costal Cartilage

In this video series Dr. Lee focuses on using costal cartilage to reconstruct the weak cartilaginous structures common in the Asian nose. Rib cartilage reliably corrects the underprojected tip, the short nose, and the low dorsum. Included are tips for harvesting a straight seventh costal cartilage, as well as avoidance of common complications.

Procedures Included:

Case 1: Asian rhinoplasty with a focus on dorsal augmentation using solid rib and reshaping a round, weak nasal tip.

Case 2: Asian rhinoplasty for the correction of low dorsum and underprojected tip using rib cartilage graft.

Case 3: Asian rhinoplasty with a focus on tip reshaping, increasing projection, and correcting the dorsal pseudo-hump.

Details : 3 Videos

Size : 7 Gb

Price : $ 40


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