Gulfcoast: Carotid Case Studies



Carotid Case Studies Training Video will focus on a case-based approach using duplex ultrasound to evaluate the extracranial cerebrovascular system. The cases will emphasize differentiating and documenting near total versus total occlusions of both the ICA and the CCA. Additional cases will be presented on evaluating severe stenosis, some commonly made errors in evaluation (and how to correct them), abnormal vertebral artery hemodynamics, cardiac effects on cerebrovascular flow patterns, and special considerations for evaluating carotid stents.


  • Normal Examination overview
  • Web stenosis at bifurcation
  • CCA Occlusion
  • Innominate artery occlusion
  • Vertebral artery disease
  • Non-pathologic cardiac effects on duplex/color exam
  • Vessel tortuosity
  • Carotid endarterectomy
  • Pseudoaneurysm
  • Post-endarterectomy flap
  • Stent evaluation including stent re-stenosis


  • Outline ultrasound machine settings used to appropriately document cerebrovascular disease.
  • State the hemodynamic etiology of abnormal carotid artery Doppler waveforms.
  • Identify duplex/color findings associated with cerebrovascular disease.
  • Apply published criteria to accurately diagnose cerebrovascular disease.
  • Recognize normal and abnormal findings associated with carotid interventional techniques.
  • List appropriate diagnostic criteria for carotid stent restenosis.
  • Identify ultrasound findings associated with vertebral artery and innominate artery disease.
  • Improve knowledge and competence to integrate the skills learned into clinical practice.


Physicians, sonographers and other medical professionals involved with performing and/or interpreting vascular ultrasound examinations. Physician participants may include (but is not limited to): vascular surgery, radiology, cardiology, internal medicine, primary care, internal medicine, and general surgery.

Price : $15


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