USCAP Modern Approaches to Classification of Hematolymphoid Neoplasms 2022



Accurate diagnosis in hematopathology relies heavily on the complex integration of data from clinical presentation, conventional microscopy, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, and molecular and cytogenetic analyses. Diagnosis is often complicated by the fact that clinically relevant disease subsets can share overlapping diagnostic features, and both baseline appreciation for disease spectrum and appropriate application/interpretation of ancillary testing is lacking. This gap can lead to real and immediate clinical consequences for therapeutic selection and overall patient management.

While in-house testing for the vast array of available diagnostic, prognostic and predictive markers is not possible in every setting or practice, awareness of their applicability and impact on patient care is the responsibility of both the pathologist and treating clinician. This is particularly true in an era when patients are increasingly knowledgeable about genomic and proteomic analyses and the studies are easily accessible. Approaching this target by strengthening baseline knowledge and skill in application empowers the pathologist as a consultant to the clinical care team.


Target Audience

Practicing academic and community pathologists, and pathologists-in-training

Learning Objectives

 Upon completion of this educational activity, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the limitations of the current diagnostic approach to hematolymphoid neoplasms in the revised WHO classification and mutational data
  • Review pitfalls in common lymphoma diagnosis seen in clinical practice
  • Apply molecular testing in the work-up of myeloid malignancies and integration of results into clinical practice and diagnosis
  • Review novel and prognostic biomarkers relevant to the daily clinical practice
  • Describe diagnostic pathologic criteria for indolent lymphoproliferations


Program : 

Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Its Differential Diagnosis – Kaaren K. Reichard, MD

Myeloproliferative Neoplasms and Progression in Myeloid Neoplasms – Kaaren K. Reichard, MD

Cutaneous Lymphomas and Atypical Cutaneous Lymphoid Proliferations – Elaine S. Jaffe, MD

Very Abnormal Lymph Nodes – Elaine S. Jaffe, MD

Uncommon Patterns of Common Lymphomas – Yuri Fedoriw, MD

When the Malignant Cells are in the Minority (Hodgkin and Hodgkin Mimics) – Yuri Fedoriw, MD

Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers – Olga K. Weinberg, MD

Circulating Neoplasms – Olga K. Weinberg, MD

Details : 8 Videos + 8 PDFs

Price : $ 100


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