UCSF Imaging: Core and Extremities 2024


Radiology CME: Standard Protocols and More

Experienced and knowledgeable faculty discuss the fundamentals and pitfalls of state-of-the-art imaging in this online video CME program. UCSF Imaging: Core and Extremities delivers a practical review of routine GI, GU, and ObGyn presentations of the abdomen and pelvis, as well as the diagnosis of routine and incidental findings in the lungs and chest cavity.

Short, focused continuing medical education sessions cover diagnosis in imaging of the brain, spine, and major joints in the musculoskeletal system, standard protocols for each organ system, and appropriate imaging technique and use of CT, MR, and US.


MRI of Knee Menisci – Pearls and Pitfalls – Lynne Steinbach, MD

SRU Consensus on 1st Trimester Lexicon – Getting the Words Right – Lori Strachowski, MD

Biceps Tendon from Top to Bottom – Lynne Steinbach, MD

Ectopic Pregnancy – Rings, Rules, and the Role of US – Lori Strachowski, MD

MRI of Shoulder Instability – Lynne Steinbach, MD

Imaging the Developing Brain – Matt Barkovich, MD

Scrotal Sonography – A Practical Approach – Lori Strachowski, MD

Acute Pediatric Brain Imaging – What Not-to-Miss – Matt Barkovich, MD

Adnexal Torsion – 7 Tips to Tell Its Twisted – Lori Strachowski, MD

Acute Pediatric Spine Imaging – What Not-to-Miss – Matt Barkovich, MD

Unusual Bowel Pathologies – What Not-to-Miss on CT for Abdominal Pain – Preethi Raghu, MD

Update on Brain Tumor Imaging – Soonmee Cha, MD

Neurodegenerative-Disease – Pre- & Post-Treatment Appearance – Javier Villanueva-Meyer, MD

Bowel and Mesenteric Trauma – Preethi Raghu, MD

Imaging of Spinal Diseases – Soonmee Cha, MD

Head and Neck Emergencies – Do-Not-Miss – Javier Villanueva-Meyer, MD

Beyond Torsion and Infection – Imaging Spectrum of GU Pathologies – Preethi Raghu, MD

Brain Tumor Mimics – 5 Key Imaging Features – Soonmee Cha, MD

Imaging of Facial Symptoms – Javier Villanueva-Meyer, MD

Diagnostic Imaging in Pregnancy – Safety Considerations – Preethi Raghu, MD

Imaging of CNS Infection – Organism-based – Soonmee Cha, MD

High-Resolution Chest CT – Findings and Approach – Part 1 – Brett Elicker, MD

CT-MRI LI-RADS – Cheng Hong, MD

Basics of Aortic Dissection – Jonathan Liu, MD

High-Resolution Chest CT – Findings and Approach – Part 2 – Brett Elicker, MD

MRI of Endometriosis – Cheng Hong, MD

Approach to the Pulmonary Nodule – Brett Elicker, MD

The Post-Operative Aorta – Jonathan Liu, MD

MRI of Rectal Cancer – Cheng Hong, MD

Lung RADS Update – Brett Elicker, MD

Imaging of Thoracic Trauma – Jonathan Liu, MD

Update on Pulmonary Embolism – Kimberly Kallianos, MD

Prostate MRI – A Primer for Practicing Radiologists – Sean Woolen, MD MS

Thoracic Incidentalomas – Kimberly Kallianos, MD

Simple Approach to Renal Masses – Sean Woolen, MD, MS

Look at the Heart – Cardiac Findings on Routine Chest CT – Kimberly Kallianos, MD

Lung Cancer – Rad-Path – Kimberly Kallianos, MD

Small Bowel Obstruction – When to Worry – Sean Woolen, MD, MS

Postop Chest – Is This Normal – Kimberly Kallianos, MD

What-to-Do with Contrast Media in Patients with Kidney Disease – Sean Woolen, MD, MS

Soft-Tissue Tumors – Kevin McGill, MD, MPH

Imaging of the Adrenals – Sina Houshmand, MD

Approach to Pulmonary Infection – Brett Elicker, MD, MPH

Ankle Injury in Athletes – Kevin McGill, MD, MPH

Pancreatic Cystic Lesions – Sina Houshmand, MD

Commonly Missed Diagnoses in the Chest – Brett Elicker, MD

Diagnostic US – Hip – Kevin McGill, MD, MPH

Retroperitoneal Mass – Sina Houshmand, MD

Diagnostic US – Shoulder – Kevin McGill, MD, MPH

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