The Pass Machine Anesthesiology ADVANCED Board Review 2021 Bundle (+Qbank)

About Bundle :

this special bundle is extracted from Pass Machine Original website and includes Videos, Slides and Qbank. the visual interface is same as original account of original website! , it means you will be having same Experience as buying account of original website BUT with much less price .

Here’s the challenge: this Anesthesiology ADVANCED board review features 42+ hours of laser-focused lectures and 1550+ Q Bank questions, but all that great content means nothing if you don’t get through it in time for the exam. So, The Pass Machine makes your prep easy. For example:

  1. Listen to audio lectures on the app as you commute to and from work
  2. Answer a few MCQs on your lunch break
  3. Watch video lectures as you work-out on the stair climber or exercise bike
  4. Download lectures to your phone ahead of a flight or when out of wi-fi or cellular range

We’re dedicated to helping you pass your boards and that’s why we offer you a better-than-money-back pass guarantee. We don’t succeed unless you succeed.”

Intended Audience: Anesthesiologists

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  1. Discuss the airway evaluation including predictors of difficult intubation and difficult mask ventilation
  2. Evaluate difficult airway algorithm and its application to difficult airway cases
  3. Interpret regional anesthetic approach vs general anesthetic approach in relation to type of surgery (Spinal, Epidural, Peripheral Nerve Blockade)
  4. Exemplify standard ASA monitors and ideal placement of all monitors
  5. Identify typical anesthesia maintenance agents including inhaled gases and IV agents
  6. Develop Pain Assessment strategies and adjunct modalities for pain management
  7. Apply postoperative management of Respiratory Failure

Details : HTML Format (Videos with Slides + Audios + PDF + Qbank Exam mode)

Price : $ 200



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