The Brigham Board Review in Rheumatology 2018


 The Brigham Board Review in Rheumatology 2018

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Board Review

A case-based review of basic principle updates, changing guidelines and clinical strategies, with extra attention given to key practice areas and disease states in rheumatology. Ideal for MOC.

Learn from Experts

The world-renowned faculty of The Brigham Board Review in Rheumatology, led by Jonathan S. Coblyn, MD, Simon M. Helfgott, MD, and Paul F. Dellaripa, MD, will help you to better:

  • Apply current and recommended Rheumatology guidelines in clinical practice
  • Perform differential diagnoses of complex clinical presentations related to Rheumatologic disorders
  • Identify and apply current therapeutic options for specific Rheumatologic disorders
  • Evaluate and interpret up-to-date literature relevant to clinical practice in Rheumatology

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Details : 37 Videos

File Size : 5.6 Gb

Price : $ 30


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