Special Topics in Obstetrical Anesthesiology 2021

From the University of Pittsburgh Anesthesiology Perioperative Update Series. Lecturers in this online CME program discuss a wide variety of topics pertaining to obstetrical anesthesia: from maternal physiology during pregnancy, to non-obstetric anesthesia in the pregnant patient and placental circulation in maternal fetal drug transfer and neonatal resuscitation. Special Topics in Obstetrical Anesthesiology also covers conditions and complications such as maternal cardiac arrest, perimortem Cesarean section, hypertensive disorders, coexisting diseases, and postpartum neurologic complications like post-dural puncture headache.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

– Learn and understand maternal physiology during pregnancy
– Learn about maternal hemorrhage and its treatment
– Learn about postpartum neurologic complications and their treatments

Intended Audience

Anesthesiologists and anesthesiologists-in-training and other anesthesia professionals, nurse anesthetists, anesthesia assistants, intensivists and perioperative medicine specialists.


Maternal Physiology, Cardiac Arrest, and Perimortem Cesarean Delivery
Grace Lim, MD, MS

Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
Grace Lim, MD, MS

Maternal Hemorrhage
Jonathan Waters, MD

Nonobstetric Anesthesia in the Pregnant Patient
Patricia Dalby, MD

Effects of GA on Mother and Fetus
Ryan Romeo, MD

Maternal Mortality
Joseph DeRenzo, MD

Postpartum Neurologic Complications
Gerhardt Konig, MD

Details : 7 Videos + 2 PDF

Price : $ 40 


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