Pelvic Ultrasound: Taking it to the Next Level

Learn the components of the sonographic examination of the infertile woman including:
1. The appearance of the uterus, inside and out, by using 3D ultrasound as well as sonohysterography and evaluation of tubal patency. This includes fibroids, polyps and other endometrial abnormalities.
2. The appearance of the ovaries, tubes (adnexa), presence of endometriosis, hydrosalpinges etc.
3. The presence of any abnormal mass or unexpected pathology using Doppler if necessary
4. The relationships between the uterus, ovaries and bowel, including whether to not there are adhesions.

The use of ultrasound for evaluation of the infertile patient, how to determine the correct diagnosis when discovering an adnexal mass, and how to deal with the increasing incidence of C-scar pregnancies.


1. Introduction

2. Comprehensive Anatomic Infertility Evaluation in One Ultrasound Visit

3. Cesarean Scar Pregnancy: Diagnosis, Treatment & Outcome if Not Terminated

4. Adnexal Masses: Differentiating Benign from Malignant

CME credits for this video program are available through December 1, 2022.

Provider : AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine)

Price : $ 18


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