UCSF High Risk Emergency Medicine 2023


UCSF High Risk Emergency Medicine is sharply focused on meeting the needs of the practitioner who encounters high-risk conditions in their daily practice. It’s continuing medical education designed to address topic that — due to risk of misdiagnosis or misadventure — produce the greatest anxiety and concern for anyone practicing in an urgent care, high-risk, or ED setting.

Through 33 online video CME lectures, you’re sure to gain competence in diagnosis, treatment, procedures, and patient counseling while you expand your knowledge of traumatic, cardiologic, neurologic, toxicologic, pediatric, and airway emergencies — and much more.

Learning Objectives

The objectives of this conference are to improve competence in diagnosis, treatment, performance of procedures, and patient counseling for neurologic, oncologic, traumatic, cardiovascular, infectious, pediatric, respiratory, and toxicologic emergencies.

Intended Audience

High Risk Emergency Medicine Hawaii is a course designed to address those topics that, due to the risk of misdiagnosis or misadventure, produce the greatest anxiety and concern in the daily practice of emergency medicine. Offered by the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, nationally renowned for emergency medical and trauma care, this conference will meet the needs of the practitioner who encounters a high-risk condition in their daily medical practice. This includes practicing emergency physicians as well as internists, family practitioners, and others who practice in an urgent care, high risk, or emergency department setting.


Pearls and Pitfalls in the ED Management of CHF – Amal Mattu, MD

Pressors – Pearls and Pitfalls – Zlatan Coralic, MD

Acidosis – Pearls and Pitfalls – Craig Smollin, MD

Wide Complex Tachycardia Cases – Amal Mattu, MD

Challenging Cases in Dizziness – Nida Degesys, MD

Aortic Disasters – Brian Lin, MD

The Precipitous Delivery – Christopher Colwell, MD

Advanced Wound Repair – Tips and Tricks – Brian Lin, MD

Anticoagulation – Pearls and Pitfalls – Zlatan Coralic, MD

Antidos and Antidon’ts – Craig Smollin, MD

Cardiology Literature 2023 Update – Amal Mattu, MD

Geriatric Falls – Pearls and Pitfalls – Nida Degesys, MD

Recognizing and Managing Patient and Provider Bias and Racism in the ED – Rosny Daniel, MD

ACLS Update – Jeffrey Tabas, MD

The Failed Airway – Kayla Enriquez, MD

De-escalation in the Age of Workplace Violence – James Hardy, MD

Orthopedic Critical Care without an Orthopedist – Derek Ward, MD

Challenging Cases in Patients with Blunt Trauma – Christopher Colwell, MD

Challenging Trauma Airway Cases – Kayla Enriquez, MD

Pitfalls in Use of EFAST – Starr Knight, MD

Challenging Cases in Patients with Penetrating Trauma – Joseph Cuschieri, MD

Trauma Q&A – Drs. Colwell, Cuschieri, Knight, and Enriquez

Debrief After Challenging ED Events – Taking Care of Our Team – Eric Issacs, Rachel Perry Limon, RN

ED Management of Atrial Fibrillation – Jeffrey Tabas, MD

Diabetic Medications and Devices – Challenging Cases – Rosny Daniel, MD

Hypertensive Emergency, Urgency or Just High Blood Pressure – Mimi Lu, MD

Pearls and Pitfalls in Emergency Imaging – Christopher Colwell, MD

Infants with BRUE – Is Trouble BRUEing or Is It All Just a Big BRUE-Ha-Ha – Dina Wallin, MD

Dangerous and Bad Practices in Kids – Mimi Lu, MD

A Simplified Approach to Fever in Infants – Dina Wallin, MD

Pediatric Orthopedic Can’t Miss Injuries – Margaret Lin-Martore, MD

Approach to the Critically Ill Infant – Carol Chen, MD

Pediatric Minor Head and Neck Trauma Cases – Margaret Lin-Martore, MD

Date of Original Release: September 9, 2023

Details : 33 Videos + 1 PDF

Price : $ 50