Comprehensive Review of Anesthesiology 2020

Comprehensive Review of Anesthesiology 2020

Oakstone Board Review

Get acquainted with the latest trends in anesthesiology with this wide-ranging CME program.

Learn from the Experts

Directed by Jeffrey S. Berger, MD, and Eric R. Heinz, MD, the Comprehensive Review of Anesthesiology highlights core concepts of conducting anesthesia and stresses the implementation of perioperative best practices to facilitate enhanced recovery after surgery. This CME course includes case-based lectures covering a broad range of topics like preoperative assessment and evaluation, cardiac anesthesia, the opioid crisis, robotic anesthesia, ERAS, physician impairment, and. It will help you to better:

  • Recognize scientific principles that guide basic anesthetic management
  • Formulate a thoughtful anesthetic plan for a variety of subspecialties
  • Compare the techniques and technology available at your facility with best practices
  • Plan for incorporation of new knowledge into routine practice


Basic – Sciences

  • Pharmacology – Gases – Adam W. Baca, MD
  • Pharmacology – Drugs – Adam W. Baca, MD
  • Physiology – Cardiopulmonary – Marc J. Popovich, MD, FCCM
  • Neurologic System: Physiology – Raymond Pla, MD
  • Physiology – Renal – Raymond A. Pla, MD
  • Breathing Systems and Their Use in the Operating Room – William Whitehead, MD, PhD
  • Operating Room Safety – S. Lynn Knox, MD, FASA
  • Patient Monitors in Anesthesiology – Eric R. Heinz, MD, PhD

Basic – Clinical

  • Preoperative Assessment and Evaluation – Gurwinder K. Gill, MD
  • Anesthetic Planning – Eric R. Heinz, MD, PhD
  • General Anesthesia and Management – Connor McNamara, MD, MS
  • Neuraxial Anesthesia – Eric R. Heinz, MD, PhD
  • Acute Pain Medicine and Regional Anesthesia – Emily Garmon, MD
  • Emergence and Postoperative Care – Jarrett Heard, MD, MBA
  • Complications – Part 1 – Nilda Salaman, MD
  • Complications – Part 2 – Nilda Salaman, MD

Advanced – Clinical

  • Chronic Pain Medicine – Palak Turakhia, MD, MPH
  • Cardiac Anesthesia – Part 1 – K. Gage Parr, MD, FASA
  • Cardiac Anesthesia – Part 2 – K. Gage Parr, MD, FASA
  • Thoracic Anesthesia – Geetha Shanmugam, MD
  • Critical Care Medicine – ARDS, Sepsis, Shock, and Vasopressors – Donald S. Prough, MD, FASA, FCCP, FAHA
  • Critical Care Medicine – VAD, IABP, and ECMO – Donald S. Prough, MD, FASA, FCCP, FAHA
  • Topics in Neuroanesthesia – Stefanie R. Fischer, MD
  • Obstetric Anesthesia – Michael Hofkamp, MD
  • Pediatric Anesthesia – Carroll Labron Chambers, Jr., MD, MBA, FASA
  • Abdominal Organ Transplantation for the Anesthesiologist – Shaun Yockelson, MD
  • Trauma and Burn Anesthesia – Gurwinder K. Gill, MD
  • Vascular Anesthesia – Adrienne B. Warrick, MD

Hot Topics

  • Physician Impairment – Diana Zentko, MD
  • Multimodal Analgesia in the time of an Epidemic – Palak Turakhia, MD, MPH
  • Non-Operating Room Anesthesia – Mitchell H. Tsai, MD, MMM, FASA, FAACD
  • Cardiac Anesthesia – Jacob Martin, MD
  • New Peripheral Nerve Blocks – Emily Garmon, MD
  • Fetal Surgery – Michelle S. Burnette, MD
  • Perioperative Management of Older Adults – Marc J. Popovich, MD, FCCM
  • Practice Management – Jarrett Heard, MD, MBA

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Details : 36 Video Files + 2 PDF (Syllabus + Questions)

File Size: 6.92 Gb

Price : 50 $



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