MedStudy 20th Edition Internal Medicine Core Audio Pearls 2022



Engaging physician educators curate the highest-yield information from the Core and share it with you via streaming audio. Study on the go with 45+ hours of focused, convenient instruction presented in the same sequence as the Core.

Listen to Learn

• A perfect complement to reading the Core—using different modalities to learn the same material increases understanding and retention

• Reinforce must-know concepts, procedures, and diagnostic protocols

• 10 engaging experts read high-yield pearls, each in their own personable style

Content : 

– Allergy and Immunology

– Cardiology

– Endocrinology

– Dermatology

– Gastroenterology

– General Internal Medicine

– Geriatric

– Infectious Diseases

– Nephrology

– Neurology

– Oncology

– Pulmonary Medicine

– Psychiatry

– Rheumatology

– women and men’s Health


Details : 16 MP3 Files

Price : $ 60




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