Masters of Pathology : Soft Tissue Tumors (2018)

Masters of Pathology Series

A wide-ranging review of soft tissue pathology focused on identifying and understanding common and rare tumors found within soft tissue. Earn Lifelong Learning and SAM credits.

Understanding Morphologic Features

This comprehensive review of soft tissue tumor pathology covers a broad range of practical topics useful for practicing pathologists and pathologists in training. It includes an approach to differential diagnosis based on dominant histologic patterns (spindle cell, epithelioid, pleomorphic, round cell, myxoid); a focus on distinctive tumors that arise at particular anatomic sites (gastrointestinal tract, skin, head and neck); and an emphasis on the application of immunohistochemistry and molecular genetics including an overview of recently developed markers and molecular tests.

Details : 17 Videos

Size : 2.7 GB

Price : 50 $



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